Choosing a professional photographer isn't easy. Why?  

Because you don't have the quality information on local photographers needed to make an informed decision. Whether you are looking for a Wedding photographer, Family session, or booking a professional photographer for your coming newborn, this consumer guide will help you discover the ways to choose the perfect photographer for you. In this fact-filled booklet, you’ll discover the typical mistakes when choosing a professional photographer, the true cost of custom session photography, and 4 steps to find your life-long photographer.

I wrote this guide to help you better understand professional photography. Now, with this information you can make an informed, intelligent decision. And if you have any questions about photography services, you’re invited to call me at 262-455-3188 or email me anytime. I've dedicated my business to educating my current and future clients. I’ll be happy to help in every way.


Kelly Lazar

L&L Photography, Owner and Professional Photographer

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